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Ludovic Mallegol is a mechanical engineering technician. He has a passion for modeling objects and shapes resulting from computation and numerical simulation – Computational design or parametric design. But his need to produce drives him to create virtual objects that can be transposed to the real world.

For this purpose, he has been developing and designing tools and applications for industrial robots for the art of design and architecture in his laboratory for the past 5 years. For 1 year and a half, he has been developing and improving his own ceramic extruder and trajectory generation program to create the shapes of unique ceramics generated by his own programs.

Ludovic uses growth algorithms, self-organizing systems. His creations have no apparent functions, but he always links them to the world of architecture. “To look at my work, imagine how these sculptures were produced. “I always try to use the tool to make objects that cannot be made by man (precision, repetition, complexity), however all this is very artisanal – Paradox? »

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