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Among the many countries that Danish artist has visited, France is the place she has chosen to live and work. She studied at L’Ecole Nationale d’Art Décoratifs de Limoges where she painted and worked with photo and video film.
After her studies she went to live in the Caribbean islands making her paintings: contour bleu outre mer. Back again, she started a collaboration with Porcelaines Deshoulières et Les Emaux de Longwy. Her coulourful paintings have been copied on carpets, postcards, chinawear, posters and also made for limited editions of reproduction.

Porcelain is a noble material…even when you provoke it, it remains elegant. It opens an enormous playground to give space to your imagination and let your creativity run free.
With its very own character, it can be quite capricious. Technically you must tame it and
artistically you have to seduce it.

Esprit Porcelaine gives its members the possibility for making research, experimentation, and expression of their personal style in this noble material with all its possible faces. Unity is strength to expose and diffuse our many different designs.

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