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Product designer, I want to promote a daily positive mind through my projects. I attach a particular importance to the user experience. I really like designing interactions that go beyond the functionality and that make users laugh, imagine stories, think or disturb them.
I discovered the porcelain work with Christian Couty during my Master degree in Product Design. It is then that I decided to develop my projects and my material knowledge along this porcelain devotee.

Here is a non exhaustive list of my previous collaborations : Christian Couty, Franck Magné, Camille Esnée, Millet Mountain Group (Millet and Lafuma brands), RCP design global and Didier Versavel

About my studies : DSAA (equivalent to Master degree) at LAAB (Rennes), BTS (equivalent to HND) at ENSAAMA – Olivier de Serres (Paris), Design and Applied Arts Baccalaureate (Grenoble)

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