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I chose porcelain as the aspiration towards an ideal, of purity, of whiteness. It is hard and soft at the same time, in turn fluid or molten, supple or brittle, cold or burning, dazzling in the kiln where it is the light itself, then it becomes diaphanous and evanescent in its translucency, liquid and limpid.

For more than 40 years, on rue de la Poterie in Sainte-Éanne, I have been practising the ancient profession of ceramist, by which I follow the will and whims of the porcelain, according to the whims of my creations: collections of tableware or furniture panels in porcelain lace.

I find in the Association d’Esprit Porcelaine a fraternal community of passionate people, always ready to set themselves on fire, fascinated by the noblest and most human of all materials, united by the values of solidarity and sharing.

The Porcelain Spirit is generosity at work.

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