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Claustra Mille et Une Nuits


Porcelain lace screen on a frame of light ash wood with white lazure, embroidered on a steel wire mesh.

  • Enamelled porcelain, frame in light frne, coated steel wire mesh.
  • Elements decorated with fine gold are part of the 1001 Nights landscape.
  • h. 1810 mm L. 500 mm l. 200 mm
  • 11,600 Kg

The ash wood frame was made by the art cabinetmaker Sébastien Panis for Serge Nicole Porcelaine.


Unique signed piece, entirely realized by the artist. Each porcelain element, is unique, hand made, then embroidered on the steel lattice. First firing at 980° in an electric kiln and oxidizing atmosphere.
Second firing at 1340° in a reducing atmosphere, in a gas oven, at high temperature.
Third small firing at 850° allowing the brush application of liquid gold on the porcelain.

Creator : Serge Nicole


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